In-Store: Payments Overview

Enrich your offering and increase customer engagement—by allowing members to pay for their purchases using their app at the POS. This may also be relevant for other website/service integrated with the POS API.

In-Store Payment Types

There are different ways members can pay for their purchase at the POS using their app:


Quick Pay vs Multi-Pay

Businesses can choose from two different flows to pay with credit cards from app wallet:

  • Multi-Pay allows members to pay with point/credit or in-app credit cards, both requiring dedicated payment codes
  • Quick Pay allows members to pay quickly only with in-app credit cards, without a dedicated payment code


  Quick Pay Multi-Pay

1. Identification by app code
2. Cashier taps Pay
3. Credit card is automatically charged

1. Identification in any way (ex: phone, app code)
2. Member opens app wallet
3. Member selects their credit card from app
4. App displays code that cashier enters into POS
5. Credit card is charged
Card Charged First credit card in the app wallet is charged Member chooses any card from the app wallet
Security App code for identification secures payment Payment code secures payment
Code display Identification code can be scanned Payment code is a number
Points Also allowing point payments is not recommended (to avoid certain operational mistakes by the cashier) Can use both points and in-app credit cards
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