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  • Como Hub Access By Branch
    Specific Como Hub users can be provided with access to data of only certain branches. For example, store managers can be given access only to data related to their store. This feature is especially relevant for businesses that use a franchisee business model.

  • Export Events to External Systems
    The new export event action allows you to send data to 3rd party systems, that can then use the data to perform actions externally. For example, inform a CRM when a new member joins the club, or send data to a business’ mailing system to trigger an email. The type of data that’s sent depends on which smart automation triggered the action or which search filter was added from Filter Members. 

  • Como Hub-SalesForce Integration
    A new button was added to SalesForce that opens the app creation wizard when clicked. This allows us to link the apps that are created with the business in SalesForce. When an app is created this way, the SalesForce business ID is automatically added to the Como Hub (under Operation > Settings > App Settings > External Reference ID).

  • “Create New App” Button                                                                                                                                                        Create New App button in the Como Hub was removed for all hub users. Creation of new apps will be made only through SalesForce.  
  • Smart Gifts – Add Dynamic Texts to Push Messages
    When creating a smart gift, you can specify the text for the push notification that you can send with the smart gift. You can now add to these push notifications text parameters for member attributes. Messages can be personalized according to the member’s name, birthday, point balance, and more. For example, send members a gift with the following push notification "Hi @FirstName! Enjoy your new gift." 

  • Rebranding URLs
    As part of the rebranding from Como Premium to Como Sense, a new URL is available for the login page of the Como Hub: From now on, this new URL should be used to access the Como Hub. In addition, the remaining Keeprz websites have been redirected to the corresponding Como websites.

  • Save Purchases of Non-Members
    A business can configure to save all purchases-including purchases of non-members.

  • Returning the Same Redeem Code
    When a member generates a redeem code from their app and the code isn’t yet expired, the same code will be displayed if the member tries to generate the code again. This prevents the member from being able to redeem the same asset more than once in a specific case.
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