Release Guide - January 2017

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  • In-app Credit Card Payment
    Allow your club members to pay for items using in app stored credit cards. For example, they can
    buy catalog items or pay for their club memberships directly from the registration form.

  • Side Menu
    We now have a new navigation flow for our mobile apps – a side bar menu. The side menu contain
    links to different sections of the app and provides easy access to any section of the app no matter
    what page you are viewing.

  • Smart Automations - New Triggers
    New triggers were added to smart automations: update membership details, enters a coupon code, and scans a code.

  • Confirmation Message for Point Shop Purchases
    After members tap a button to purchase an item at the point shop, a pop-up message appears to
    notify them that they are about to purchase an item using points.
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