Training: Filter & Segment Members

Search for members based on member actions and member attributes, and perform actions on the results.

Filter Members 

  1. Go to the Data & BI tab > Filter Members.
  2. Add a Search filter (Click (+) Add Search Filter)
  3. Select a member action you wish to filter upon. For example, select “Opened the App” action to filter out all members who opened the app, add the relevant time range you are interested in.
  4. To add also membership attributes to the search, click (+) Find Customers.
    For example, select “Opened the App” action to filter out all members who opened the app and their birthday is today.
  5. Click Filter Members.


View Filter Results 

After clicking filter members, the results will appear at the right-hand side of the screen. By clicking any of the members icons/images -  the member profile screen will open.

The following information is available in the member profile page:

  • Any data known about the member automatically populates to the search fields - left hand side of the screen
  • Member's current and archived assets (gifts, punch cards, and prepaid cards) - right hand side of the screen
  • A list of the member's purchases according to most recent (under Last Purchases)- left hand side of the screen, below the membership attributes
  • Logs of all their club activity (when they made a purchase, redeemed a gift, etc.) - right hand side of the screen under Latest Logs.


Perform Actions on Members 

You can also perform actions for the specific member by selecting the relevant action (described below) under Perform an Action on the Results.


Export Data

When searching for a member segment, click Export to export the data for this segment. Under Reports, click Download to download the report that was created from this data. The report includes all the membership data for each member in the segment.

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