Training: Create Your Loyalty Scheme

2nd Session - Create Your Loyalty Scheme

Gifts (Joining/Birthday)

A joining gift is a gift the business sends to new members when they join the club, providing an immediate incentive to join.  Another type of gift is a birthday gift; the business can choose to send members a reward on their birthdays.

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Punch Card

Punch cards reward members with a gift after a certain number of purchases. For example, you can reward a member after they buy 9 cups of coffee with the 10th cup for free. Every time the member buys the item you specify, they receive a punch in their punch card. Once their punch card is full, they can redeem their card for a gift.

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Club Deal

Club deals are benefits a member receives just for being a club member. For example, you can give all members a 10% discount on their purchase.

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