Session 1 - App Setup

Once the loyalty program is specified, it's time to start building your solution using your control panel, the Como Hub. The Como Hub is used to create and edit apps, manage the loyalty program, and get to know the members.



Creating a basic app can be done in 4 easy steps. After logging in to the Como Hub, click Create New App from the menu in the top-right corner. Fill out all the fields to get started and click Start. In the next 4 steps, you’ll create the first version of your business app. All choices can be changed later, after the initial setup is completed.

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General Info Overview

The business details from the General Info page appear on the Info Screen in your app. The Info Screen can also be used to call, navigate and send feedback to the business.

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Each app should include a list of the business’ locations. For each location, app users will see details including phone number, address, and a brief description. When a user taps a location on the list, a new screen opens with the details for that location.

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Welcome Messages

Welcome messages are displayed on the Welcome Slider, the biggest tile on your app's home screen. Each welcome message can either be a plain image or a clickable image (where an action is performed when the image is tapped). For example, welcome messages can open any app screen such as a catalog of specials, a specific punch card or a social media page.

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Home Screen

As the main screen for your app, it's important to choose the right components for your Home Screen, such as welcome messages, profile, custom tiles, and Point Shop.

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Under Branding on the Content tab, you can customize your app to fit the look and feel of the business brand.

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Web Views (Optional)

Web views allow you to display web pages directly in the app. For example, a business can display its brochure of services, its online booking web page, or its online ordering site within the app. It's also a great way to display content that's dynamic, such as the latest reviews of your restaurant or products.

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Update App

Before you can preview your app, you need to publish all the changes. Even though you may save changes as you make them, your changes won’t be live in the app itself until a new version is published.

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Preview App

Even before your app is on the stores, you can open your app on any Apple or Android device using the Como Sense app. Before you begin, download the Como Sense app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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