Release Guide - September 2017

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For an overview of all the new releases in this version, view the Release Notes

Highlights - Generally Available

  • Add Web View Parameters
    Web views can be customized according to the member that opens it (if the website also develops these customizations). Web view parameters can now be added using a simplified process and UI.

  • New Customer Identifier - Temporary Token 
    External systems (such as ordering sites) integrated with Como can be displayed as an app web view. When the member opens the web view, they are automatically identified by the external system—using a new identifier (temporaryToken) that expires and is more secure.

  • Demonstrate Payment Flows
    A sales manager can demonstrate the payment feature for businesses that don’t have an account with Zooz—using the Zooz sandbox testing environment.

  • Manage Credit Cards
    A new app screen was created to allow members to manage their credit cards outside of a payment flow. Members can view, add or remove credit cards from this screen.
  • Add Actions to Push Messages
    You can now add an action to a push message—so that the action will be performed when the member taps the message (or the new button on the message if the app is open).

  • Add Custom Icons for Push Messages
    When a push message is received on an Android device (when the app is hidden), an icon appears next to the app name in the notification center and at the top of the device in the status bar. To comply with Android guidelines for this icon, you can now choose a custom icon for push messages

  • Delete Presets
    A Como Hub user can save a smart automation, smart club deal or smart gift configuration as a preset—so they can use it for any business on their account. In addition, other users can use this preset for this specific business. Business presets can now be deleted from the hub of this business.

  • Business Plans
    The Como product operations manager can define permission plans per business, and not only per Como Hub user. For example, they can hide features that a business cannot use because the feature is in pilot or their POS doesn’t support it.

Highlights - Pilot* 

*Note: These features are only currently available for selected businesses participating in the pilot program.

  • POS API Version 4.0
    The new version of the POS API provides many benefits—including SLA and performance improvements, enhanced business functionality, simpler API implementation, and clearer flows. New capabilities that can be set up from the Como Hub include: custom field for POS identification, and payment settings.

  • Add Button Actions to Web Views
    External systems can add certain Como button actions directly to the app web view—using a basic JavaScript API. Examples are provided in the Release Guide.

  • SMS Improvements & Bulk SMS
    A new SMS mechanism was implemented to support advanced SMS capabilities and improve overall performance. Details can be found in the Release Notes and Release Guide.

  • Smart Actions from Filter Members
    Perform smart actions on members from Find/Filter Members (or Import User Keys). Smart actions include the classic actions, plus advanced capabilities (additional actions, delay to a specific date and time, add dynamic text to messages and action tags).
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