Release Guide - May 2017

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For an overview of all the new releases in this version, view the Release Notes.  


  • New Import Members
    New Import is an advanced and improved import module. The new and improved import offer many advantages over the previous import —including additional features and advanced capabilities.

  • Demo Mode
    The demo mode is a unique hub mode which allows sales teams to show real live businesses without disclosing the business name or any identifying information.

  • Expiration Date Field
    Adding this field is the first step in developing the full feature that will support membership expiration and renewal.

  • Permission Tag for SMS
    We use two types of SMS: Operational SMS and Marketing/Campaign SMS. We charge business for any SMS’s that are not operational (e.g. verification codes SMS). We have added the option to block the option to send any SMS’s that are not operational ones by using permission tags.

  • Zapier Integration
    Como Sense is now integrated with Zapier, allowing our businesses code-free integration with third party systems such as email marketing, CRM, social media, etc. Zapier is a web solution that allows seamless integration between applications.

  • Presets
    To simplify the ‘Smart’ entities configuration, it is now possible to create smart automation/deal/gift based on presets that were defined globally for all businesses. It is possible to save a preset per business that will be available for all users that have access to that business.

  • Allow Multiple Purchases for POS Identifiers Field
    We re-defined this functionality to check transaction uniqueness according to a combination of Transaction ID, Branch ID, POS ID and Time Stamp.

  • New Search Filter (Filter Members) - Credit
    Filter members according to credit usage. we can now filter members according to the following user actions: received credit, or used credit.

  • Qlik Sense BI
    Qlik Sense is a new BI tool integrated into the Como hub. From the Data & BI tab, under Qlik Sense BI you can view key metrics and graphs.

  • VIPs Prediction Model
    Using sophisticated machine learning capabilities, we created a prediction model aimed to identify, in a short period of time, whether a club member will become a ‘VIP’ member (VIPs are defined as the most profitable members in the club) or not. 

  • RFM
    RFM is a BI tool aimed to evaluate club members’ shopping habits from 3 different aspects: recency, frequency and monetary.

  • 3rd Party Gifts Report
    A new report was added to tableau – 3rd party gifts report. This report presents data about 3rd party assets usage by collecting and verifying information using 3rd party codes.
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