Release Guide - November 2017

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For an overview of all the new releases in this version, view the Release Notes

Highlights - Generally Available

  • Multiple API Keys per Business
    Multiple API keys can be generated for the same business—one for each external service they use that’s integrated with Como (ex: POS, ordering system, etc.). This allows us to more easily identify the source of the data, and prevent an external service from accessing data once a business decides to stop working with them.

  • POS API – Updates
    Various updates were made to the Como API, based on input from the early adapters and to simplify logic both for the POS and Como.

  • Pending Membership Flows
    When a customer submits the registration form but doesn’t complete their membership payment (if required), their membership status is pending. Flows related to pending members were enhanced—to prevent them from receiving club benefits, to allow them to complete their membership payment at the POS, and to allow them to log in to the app using a different account.

  • Filter Members – New Search Filters
    From Filter Members, you can now search members who performed a mobile payment, have membership status pending, or were sent a push message
  • Unsubscribe from SMS by Reply
    Businesses can now choose a new unsubscribe method for their members--allowing them to unsubscribe from marketing SMS message by replying to the SMS

Highlights - Pilot* 

*Note: These features are only currently available for selected businesses participating in the pilot program.

  • New Quick Pay Feature
    The new Quick Pay features enhances mobile payments at the POS. Ideal for quick service restaurants (QSR), customers can quickly and easily pay for their purchase at the POS using their app. The whole purchase can be completed using no physical wallet and one code.
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