Training: Add Locations


  1. From the Content tab, click Information and then Locations.


  2. Add at least one location group: click Add Item, enter the group name and click Save.
    Note: Location groups can organize your locations such as by geographic region or business sector. If you don’t want to group locations, create only one group and groups won’t appear in the Locations List.

  3. Click the group you want to add locations to and then click Add Location.

  4. Type the address of the location you'd like to add and select the right address from the list that appears as you type. 

    Note: If the right address isn't auto-completed after you type a few letters, keep typing. If you entered the full address and the right address didn't appear in the list, try entering the address differently. For example: "132 Broadway St.", "132 Broadway Blvd.", or "132 Broadway Street".


  1. Enter your location details for the following fields:                                                                                                                                                                                                            




    (For the second address field) Enter the address as you want it to appear in the app. For example: Willis Tower, 233 S Wacker Dr., Chicago

    Location Name

    Enter the name of the location. For example: Columbus St. or Springs Mall. Try to keep it as short as possible.


    Add an image for your location. You can choose the same image for all locations or a different image for each.

    Phone Number

    Enter the location's phone number. Members can call this number directly from the Location List in the app.


    Enter location details to display in the Location Screen in the app. For example, add opening hours and the location's special features.


    Add extra details about this specific location. For example: "Men's, Women's & Children's Clothes" or "Happy hour every day 17:00-22:00!". These notes also appear in the Location List preview.

    Publish Status

    Published items are shown in the app, while hidden items are not. Hide items to add them for later use, or remove them from the app without deleting them completely.

    Branch ID (sent by POS)

    Add the same branch ID as the one sent by the POS with transaction details. This can be used to restrict data access of specific Como Hub users to only specific branches (ask a Como success manager about setting up special permissions for specific users).

  2. Click Save.
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