Training: Create Accumulation Automations

Accumulation automations determine how many points a member accumulates for their purchases. For example, if a member accumulates 10% on their purchases, they would earn 10 points if they spend $100.

Default Settings

These settings determine what the accumulation will be if you don't add any conditions or if the conditions don't apply.

Field Description
Default Multiplier Purchase total sum x multiplier = number of points/credit accumulated

Ex: For members to accumulate 15% on their purchases, enter 0.15 for the multiplier.
Default Constant Fixed number of points/credit that's added, regardless of the purchase total
Accumulation Type Accumulate points, credit or default (what you selected in Point/Credit Settings for Submit Purchase)

To create an accumulation automation:

  1. Create an automation triggered when member Makes a Purchase.

  2. Click Add Action and select Point/Credit Accumulation.

  3. Add the default settings: default multiplier or default constant, and the accumulation type.

  4. Click Save.
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