Training: Create Club Deals

Club deals are benefits a member receives just for being a club member. For example, you can give all members a 10% discount on their purchases. Unlike gifts, club deals don't need to be redeemed, and they can be reused. When a member is identified at the POS, they automatically receive these benefits. 



To add smart club deals:

  1. From the Benefits tab, click Smart Club Deals and then Add Club Deal.

  2. From the Settings tab, add the club deal details.

    Note: Since club deals don't appear in the app, these details aren't displayed to members. The only relevant details are described below.

    Field Description
    Title Add a title (for internal use)
    Description Add a description (for internal use)
    Background Image Required - Add an image (for internal use)
    Valid From Select from which date the club deal can be used. You can also specify the hour, minute and second. 
    Valid Until Select until which date the club deal can be used. You can also specify the hour, minute and second. 

  3. On the Scenarios tab, click Add Action.

  4. Under Perform the Action, click Add Discount.

    Field Description
    Description Enter the description of the discount that will be sent to the POS (along with the discount that Como calculates) when the member wants to redeem the gift or use the club deal.
    Discount Type Specify the discount as either a percentage off or a fixed amount off. By default, the percentage off is calculated based on the entire purchase. However, you can choose to provide the discount only for specific items by selecting Apply Discount to Specific Items.

    Limit Total Discount Amount per Purchase

    You can specify a maximum amount off that the member can receive from this particular action. Here are some examples:  

    Discount of 20% off, up to $50: Even if a member spends $400 (so that 20% off is equivalent to $80), they will only receive a discount of $50.

    Note: If your gift or club deal has more than one action that provides discounts, the limit applies to each action separately.
  5. Example: 10% discount for all club members.                                                                           
  6. Click Save and Close.
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