Training: Create a Basic App in 4 Steps

Creating a basic app can be done in 4 easy steps. After logging in to the Como Hub, click Create New App from the menu in the top-right corner. Fill out all the fields to get started and click Start. In the next 4 steps, you’ll create the first version of your business app. All choices can be changed later, after the initial setup is completed.




Step 1: Introduction

  1. Enter your Facebook page URL to save time from uploading images and filling in more details later. Then click the button to automatically upload the data.


  2. If you entered your Facebook page, most details should have been filled out automatically. Fill out the remaining details with the following in mind:
    Field Description
    App Name We recommend using a shorter version of your business name. For example, use "Lily's" instead of "Lily's Flower Shop".
    Website Your business' website URL
    Phone Number Your main customer service phone number
    About Us General details about your business such as opening hours or a few descriptive words
    Category Make sure to choose a category that suits your business
    Location Name Your primary business location, such as Columbus St. or Springs Mall. Try to keep it as short as possible. If you have more locations, you can add them later.
    Address Start typing the address of your primary location and select it from the list that appears. If the right address isn't auto-completed after typing a few letters, keep typing. If it doesn't appear in the list after typing the full address, try entering it differently. For example: 132 Broadway St., 132 Broadway Blvd., or 132 Broadway Street

  3. Click Next.

Step 2: Branding

  1. Add your business' logo for your app icon. Avoid an icon with a white background.

    Note: Click Choose from Gallery to select images that were uploaded automatically from your Facebook page.


  2. Select a background image for your app.

    Note: Click Choose from Gallery to select images that were uploaded automatically from your Facebook page.


  3. Select a color scheme for your app. The wizard uses your business logo's colors to create a color scheme for the app (last color scheme presented), which you can later change and edit. You can also choose from one of the other available color schemes.


  4. Click Next.


Step 3: Content

  1. Add welcome messages, dynamic banners that appear on your app's home screen. If you used your Facebook page URL, this section should already be completed but you can change any fields as you see fit.


  2. Click Next.

Step 4: Subscription Package

  1. Select premium.


  2. Click Next to continue to publish your app so you can see the first version.
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