Release Guide - December 2017

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For a brief overview of all the new releases in this version, view the Release Notes

Highlights - Pilot* 

*Note: These features are only currently available for selected businesses participating in the pilot program.

  • Communicate with Members by Email
    Create email campaigns to let members know about latest promotions or special offers, which can even be customized according to branch or member tier (tag). Or send emails to individual members based on their activity (ex: confirmation of a mobile payment or thank you for a purchase).

Highlights - Generally Available

  • Smart Birthday/Anniversary Automations
    Create “smart” birthday and anniversary automations to reward or congratulate members on these special occasions.

  • Smart Punch Cards
    Smart punch cards are now available—allowing you to create punch cards using all the advanced discount configurations and “smart” capabilities.

  • "New Price" Promotions
    Create a promotion that overrides the price of an item or group of items with a new price (instead of offering a free item, amount off, or percent off).

  • Conditions Based on Item Price or Tags
    Create conditions (using item groups) for smart automations/benefits based on the item price or tag.
  • Rounding Smart Discounts
    You can round discounts (up to the nearest whole unit of currency) for smart gifts, punch cards and club deals.
  • Apply Limit Times for Automations
    You can limit the number of times an automation can be performed for each member—either at all or within a specific time period. Since an automation can be triggered without resulting in an action (ex: conditions weren’t met, 0 points added, etc.), this limit now only counts if an action was performed. The time period for the limit is now according to calendar period and also includes “years”.

  • Search Filter - Mobile Payments
    New fields are available when searching for members that performed mobile payments using Zooz or PayPal. The fields are: amount, item code, branch ID and payment flow (in-app or store).

  • Parameters for Browser URLs
    You can allow members to tap a button in the app to open a specific web page in an external browser (such as a donation page). You can now add parameters to this URL (such as first name, location, etc.) so the web page can be customized according to the specific member that opens it.

  • New & Flexible Screen Layouts
    Two new screen layouts are now available (shown below). What’s more, you can now make any tile in any layout completely invisible by assigning the new Empty Block to this tile. 
  • Left Side Menu & Text Size
    A side menu that opens from the left side of the screen is now supported. By default, all LTR (left-to-right) apps will have a left side menu and all RTL (right-to-left) apps will have a right side menu. The default alignment of the side menu, as well as the default text size of the menu, can be overwritten by request.
  • iOS Accessibility Features
    As required by local accessibility laws, the remaining accessibility features are now supported in iOS: larger text, bold text, and voiceOver. Accessibility requirements are already supported for Android.

  • New App Fonts & UX Improvements
    To improve the app user experience, the following improvement were made:
    • 40+ new app fonts are now available
    • Header gradient was removed
    • “Start” button removed from the first app loading

  • Web View Performance
    To improve the user experience and promote connectivity, enhancements were made to reduce the loading time of web views displayed in the app-including the registration form, update form, login page and custom web views opened from the app Home Screen.

  • submitPurchase with Expired Redeem Codes
    If a valid redeem code is used but is expired when passed in submitPurchase (for the same purchase), the asset is still burned.
  • Entering Joining Codes Outside the Registration Form
    The Enter Coupon Code button action can now also be used for joining codes—allowing an easier transition for businesses who want to enhance their paid registration flow with Zooz.
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