Work With Items

From Information in the Content tab, you can add items such as locations, welcome messages, splash screen ads, web views, etc. Learn how to add, edit, delete, reorder, or show/hide these items.

Add or Edit Items

Add new items by clicking Add Item, Add Welcome Message, etc.  After adding an item, edit the item by either clicking on it from the list or click the edit button, .

Delete Items

Delete items by clicking the delete button, . Note: Entire catalogs cannot be deleted but you can delete catalog categories and items.

Reorder Items

Change the order of an item in a list by dragging the item to its desired position and then clicking Save Item Order.


Hide/Show Items

Hiding items can be used to add items for later use or to remove items from the app without deleting them. To hide or show an item:

  • Click the hide/show button,  , OR
  • Change Publish Status in the item details to Publish to show it or Hidden to hide it


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