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General forms can be used for reservations, deliveries, or even as one-page surveys. It's a great way to provide members with additional services and increase your sales.

When members are filling out a form they already submitted, they also have the option to use the Autofill Form button to automatically fill the form with details from the last form they submitted. This provides them with the convenience of not having to fill in the same details. For example, they can autofill in their address or their last order.

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Create General Forms

To create a general form:

  1. From the Content tab, click Forms and then General Form.

  2. Click Add Item.

  3. Enter the general form details and then click Save.

    Field Description
    Title Add a title for the form screen.
    Description Add a description of the form, instructions for completing it or even nothing at all. This appears on the top of the form.
    Recipients of Completed Form Submitted forms are sent to these email addresses. You can enter multiple addresses separated by commas. 

    Note: From Form Results from the Data & BI tab, you can see all the submitted forms (including results) and search for a specific form.
    Publish Status Published items are shown in the app, while hidden items are not.
    Button Action Other than submitting the app, you can add an additional button action for when the member taps Submit.

    Note: To display a thank-you message, select Open Thank-You Message.

Add or Edit Fields

To add or edit a field:

  1. Click Edit Fields next to the form you created.

  2. To add a new field, click Add Item.

  3. Add field details and click Save.

    Field Description
    Title Add the title for the field. It can also be a question or instruction, such as "Choose an appointment date:" or "What's your favorite dish?".
    Description You can add extra information to appear under the title. 
    Is this field mandatory? To prevent members from being able to submit the form without completing this field, select Yes
    Answer Type Select what type of answer you'd like.

    For multiple choice, you can allow members to select only one answer (single) or more (multiple). To add choices, click Add Option. The Option's Value appears in the app, while the Option's Title is saved for further result analysis (usually they're the same).

    Note: For the time answer type, you can select whether to use an AM/PM or 24 hr time format from Operation > SettingsApp Settings.
    Default Answer You can prefill this answer with the answer that was submitted for the same field in the registration form. They can edit this answer for the form or submit the default.
    Publish Status Published items are shown in the app, while hidden items are not.

  4. To reorder the fields, drag them to their new positions and click Save Item Order
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