Add Items to a Custom Screen

The Custom Screen allows you to completely customize the content of the screen. Depending on the layout you choose, it can include a photo gallery, welcome messages, an Updates tile, About Us and whatever tiles you'd like to add.

By choosing the Custom List layout, you can build your own list and decide which action occurs when a member taps on a list item. For example, link to social media pages, or ask members for their feedback, to rate the app or to fill out a form.

Steps to Create a Custom List

  1. Add items to the list.
  2. Select the Custom List layout for the Custom Screen.
  3. Create a layout block that opens the custom list (for the button action, select Open App Screen and then Custom Screen) and add it to a tile of an app screen. 


Add List Items

To add list items to the Custom Screen:

  1. From the Content tab, click Information and then Custom Screen.

  2. Click Add Item.

  3. Add the item details.

    Field Description
    Choose Image Use a wide image since it appears this way in the list.
    Title The title is displayed on the tile in the list. For example: Social Media or Member Survey
    Publish Status Published items are shown in the app, while hidden items are not.
    Add Tags Add view tags so only members with the same tag will be able to view the list item

  4. Select the button action.

  5. Click Save.

  6. To reorder list items, drag them to their new positions and then click Save Item Order.
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