Update Apps

Update your app to allow members to experience all the changes you make to your app. You can then use the Como Sense app to preview them, even before your app is on the stores. Depending on the changes you make, there are different ways to update your app. 

Publish Your App Version

To publish most of the changes you make, all you need to do is publish your app version. For example, you can update your app layout, colors, and content. From Content > Update App > Update App, click Publish Version. Your current app version should increase by 1.

Update Your Software Version

When you'd like to use one of the new features or capabilities we released, update your software version. The Release Guide that explains the new release presents the required software version in the header. From Content > Update App > Advanced, click the button to update to the latest version. Note: If you're not sure whether or not you need to update it, contact your account manager.

Resubmit Your App

The following changes require an app rebuild and resubmission to the app stores:

  • App icon
  • App name
  • Splash screen
  • Screenshots (for the app stores)
  • Description (for the app stores) 
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