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Use surveys to find out what members think about your products or services, or to get to know them better by gathering more details about them, their preferences, etc. These valuable insights can be used to improve your promotions and in general, make better business decisions.

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Create Surveys

To create a survey:

  1. From the Content tab, click Forms and then Survey.

  2. Click Add Item.

  3. Enter the survey details and then click Save.

    Field Description
    Title Add a title for the survey to appear in the app.
    Description Add a description of the survey, instructions for completing it or even nothing at all. This appears under the title.
    Thank-You Message Title This title appears on the screen shown after the survey is submitted (for example, "Thank You").
    Thank-You Message Content This text appears under the title on the screen shown after the survey is submitted.
    Recipients of Completed Form Submitted surveys are sent to these email addresses. You can enter multiple addresses separated by commas. 

    Note: From Form Results from the Data & BI tab, you can see all the submitted surveys (including results) and search for a specific survey.
    Publish Status Published items are shown in the app, while hidden items are not.

Add or Edit Questions

To add or edit questions:

  1. Click Questions next to the survey you created.

  2. To add a new question, click Add Item.

  3. Add question details and click Save.

    Field Description
    Title Add a title or the question itself.
    Description You can add extra information to appear as a subtitle. 
    Is this field mandatory? To prevent members from being able to submit the survey without completing this field, select Yes
    Answer Type Select what type of answer you'd like.

    For multiple choice, members can select only one answer. To add choices, click Add Option. The Option's Value appears in the app, while the Option's Title is saved for further result analysis (usually they're the same).
    Add a follow-up question? You can add a follow-up question. For example, ask the member to explain their answer or add any additional comments.
    Publish Status Published items are shown in the app, while hidden items are not.

  4. To reorder the questions, drag them to their new positions and click Save Item Order


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