Add a Point Shop

Add a Point Shop to allow members to buy gifts using the points they accumulate. Members can earn points for their purchases or performing certain actions (such as sharing an item on Facebook). They can use these points to buy gifts in the app’s Point Shop and then redeem (and receive) the gifts in the business.

Point Shop Gifts

Gifts can be products or services, such as a scarf or haircut. Gifts can also be discount vouchers, representing a fixed amount or percentage off a purchase. For example, a gift can be used to convert points to cashback of some amount, such as 1000 points to $10. 

Create a Point Shop

To create a Point Shop, first create the gifts (from your Campaign Center) and then add the gifts to the Point Shop.

To add gifts to the Point Shop:

  1. From the Benefits tab, click Point Shop and then Add Item.

  2. Enter a Title for the gift (new gifts are added to the bottom of the list). Then click the arrow to expand this section.

  3. Add gift details.

    Note: The title, description and image are relevant to the Point Shop only, and will not change the ones you added to the gift. These fields are all required and shown in the app.

    Field Description
    Description Enter the gift details, such as the general description and fine print.
    Price in Points Set an appropriate price in points for the gift. This depends on how points are accumulated (conversion ratio) and what kind of discount you'd like to provide members for this item.

    Here's an example. Suppose that for every $1 they spend, they accumulate 1 point. To give members a 10% reward on their purchases, 1 point should be equivalent to $0.10 in the Point Shop (so for every $1 they spend, they earn $0.10). Then if an item's price in the business is $20, it would cost 200 points.
    Add Tags Ignore this field. 
    Choose a Gift: Select the gift (created from Benefits > Gifts) corresponding to this Point Shop gift. 
    Choose Image Add an image for the gift in the Point Shop. The same image is used in the list and the details screen. See graphic guidelines.
    Right Button Add the right button action and text (the default is Back and the left button is Buy.)
    Publish Status Published items are shown in the app, while hidden items are not.

  4. To change the position of the gift item in the Point Shop list, click Move Up or Move Down.

  5. Click Save.
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