Add a Logo & Background Image

Branding your app to your business includes integrating your business logo and a background image into its design.

Note: We recommend using a transparent version of your logo in PNG file format. However, if you don't have one, a non-transparent logo or a JPG file works as well.

To add your logo and background image:

  1. From the Content tab, click Branding and then Logo & Background.

  2. Add a wide version of your business logo for the header of your app's Home Screen.

  3. Add a square version of your business logo for your app icon (1024 x 1024px). 

    Note: Avoid an icon with a white background.

  4. Add a background image to appear behind the tiles and select whether or not to animate the image (if you'd like the image to have a gentle move effect, select Yes).

    Note: To use a solid color as your background instead, select it for the Background Overlay when customizing your color scheme, with a transparency value of 1.

  5. Ignore App's Promo Image.


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