Button - Scan QR Code

QR codes can be scanned using any button in the app, by assigning the Scan QR Code action to the button. You can also add a QR scanner to the app by creating a layout block with this button and adding it to an app screen. 

For example, QR codes can represent:

  • Coupon Codes: trigger a coupon code automation (send rewards to members, add points, etc.)
  • Web Page URLs: open a specified URL
  • ID Codes: identify members



Scan QR Codes for Details or Instructions

Allow members to use their app to scan QR codes in your business to provide them with more information or instructions. Here are some example:

  • For gyms, place a QR code on the gym machines that opens a video on how to use it when scanned.
  • For museums, place a QR code on the exhibition items that opens an explanation when scanned.
  • For stores, place a QR on specific items that displays details when scanned.
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