Release Guide - January 2016

Release Guide - January 2016


Release Highlights:

  • Log in to the Como Hub
    Moving forward, we would like to invite you to log in to the Como Hub, your management console, through the Como Premium login page.

  • Advanced Redeem Log
    The log for when a member redeems a gift has been refined to provide you with additional useful insights

  • Send Joining Codes by Automation
    If a business charges for program membership, you can allow only customers who have purchased a membership to register in the app.

  • Import/Export Locations
    For businesses with many locations, locations can be imported directly into the Como Hub.

  • Enhanced Text Layout for Descriptions
    Add line breaks and control text alignment (left, right or center) for the following descriptions...

  • Defaults for Form Fields
    When creating a general form, you can add defaults to specific fields based on what a member entered in the corresponding field of their registration form.
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