Release Guide - April 2016

Release Guide - April 2016


Release Highlights:

  • New Como Premium App – for Android and iOS
    Preview your apps using the first version of the Como Premium app—supported by both Android and iOS devices.

  • Registration Form – Customize the Register Button
    Enhance your registration process by choosing what happens when a customer taps Register after filling out the registration form.

  • Add Membership Payments to the Registration Form
    Allow customers to pay for their club membership when they register in the app.

  • Find Members – Membership Status
    From a member’s profile (from Find Members), you can see their membership status: registered, not-registered or pending.

  • Use an Email Login Validation Method
    To log in as an existing member, a member can validate their identity by email.

  • Use Barcodes to Display Redeem Codes
    Allow members to redeem gifts using a barcode to display the redeem code.

  • Catalogs – Open Directly to the Item Gallery
    After tapping on a catalog or a category, display the item gallery directly—instead of first presenting the item list.

  • Autofill Forms with the Last Details Submitted
    By tapping a dedicated button on the top of the form, members can autofill the form with the details from the last form they submitted.

  • Filter Members – Redeemed a Gift Search Fields
    To enhance your search filters from Filter Members, the following fields were added for the Redeemed a Gift action type: Branch ID, Redeem Code, Total (per transaction) equals...

  • SMS Stock Notifications – Add Numbers
    When the stock for a gift is low (under 250), the business automatically receives a text message (SMS) to alert them.

  • New Location Layout – Basic Location
    Present the location screen using a new layout, Basic Location.

  • Import Members – Multi-Language Support
    The Import Members feature allows you to add members directly to the Como Hub using a .csv file. This multi-language support is also available for Import Locations.

  • Import Members – Error Details
    When using the Import Members feature, view the details of the error that can occur while importing the .csv file

  • Data on Receiving an Asset – Asset Source
    From the Como Hub, you can see the way a member received an asset—the asset source

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