Release Guide - May 2016

Release Guide - May 2016


Release Highlights:

  • Option for Members to Allow or Unsubscribe from SMS
    Members can choose not to receive text messages (SMS) from the business by tapping the unsubscribe link in the text message or unchecking the Allow SMS checkbox from the registration form.

  • Enhanced Como Premium App
    The new Como Premium app can be used to preview your apps on both Android or iOS devices.

  • Improved Stock Management
    From the Benefits tab, manage the stock of gifts and punch cards by tapping Stock under the asset.

  • Purchase Weights – New Fields
    New fields were added to the Purchase Weights page of the Operation tab— Allow Submit Purchase with negative amounts?, Allow negative point balance?, Allow Cancel Credit with POS identifiers?, Allow Cancel Credit with member identifiers?, and Redeem Code Lock Time (Seconds).

  • Automations – PayPal Payments & Registration
    You can allow members to pay for items (such as memberships or catalog items) in the app using PayPal.

  • Registration Flow – Option for Both POS & PayPal Payments
    Allow customers to pay for their memberships either at the POS or using PayPal.

  • Tag New Members Based on Coupon Codes
    Similar to joining codes, you can tag members based on the coupon codes they enter while registering to the club.

  • Open URLs in an External Browser
    Allow members to open the web page you specify (such as donation pages) in an external web browser—by tapping an app button, tile or welcome message.

  • View Google Analytics from the Como Hub
    View key metrics from Google Analytics that have been embedded directly in Como Hub.

  • Use Your Own SMS Provider & Credentials
    Businesses can use their own SMS providers (and accounts) to send text messages to members.

  • Confirmation Message for Facebook Shares
    After members tap a button to share on Facebook, a pop-up message appears to notify them that the item was successfully shared.

  • Enter Asset Redeem Codes from Admin Mode
    To close the loop, businesses can use different methods for different branches.

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