Create Code Bulks

Instead of generating codes on the spot, one-time codes can be created in advance by creating bulks of codes. They can be created for the following codes:

  • Redeem Codes
  • Coupon Codes
  • 3rd Party Codes
  • Joining Codes

Except for redeem codes, all code bulks can be printed on code slips, or sent by email, text message (SMS), etc.

Code Templates & Bulks

Before you create a bulk of codes, you need to first create a code template by adding a template name and choosing the specific punch card, gift, or automation (depending on what kind of codes you're creating) associated with it. Once a template is created, you need to add bulks of codes to the template—where each code in the bulk can only be used once. For the same template of codes, you can create different bulks with different tags. For example, create a bulk for specific business locations. Once all the codes of the bulk have been used, you can create a new bulk of codes for this template.


Create Bulks

To create a bulk: 

  1. After creating the template of codes, enter the bulk details and then click Generate Codes.

    Field Description
    Bulk Name Enter a name for this bulk of codes. 
    Bulk Tag For joining codes or coupon codes, you can create an automation to tag members based on the bulk tag of the code they enter. For example, you can tag a bulk of joining codes "students", distribute these codes to students, and then tag them "students" when they use a code from this bulk to register to the club.

    Note: For punch codes, redeem codes or 3rd party codes, the bulk tag can also be the same as the bulk name. 
    Description Describe this bulk of codes to make it easier to manage. 
    Number of Codes Enter the number of codes in the bulk, such as 1000 
    Code Length Enter the length of each code in this bulk (number of digits). It's recommended to choose a code which is between 5-8 digits long. The minimum is 4 digits.

    Note: The longer the codes, the more codes you can generate and the safer they are against fraud. 
    Custom Codes If you don't want to generate random codes, enter existing codes to add to this bulk. Enter codes with a comma between each code or each code on a separate line. You can also copy a list of codes from Excel and paste it here.

    Note: Custom Codes are usually used to generate one code for multiple uses.

  2. To view the bulk that you created, click the X in the top-right and then the template of codes from the list.

    Note: Although the required fields are highlighted in red, the bulk was successfully created.

  3. To export codes in an Excel file, select whether to export all (both used and unused codes), unused or used codes and click Export Codes.

    Note: These codes can be printed on code slips, sent by email, etc.

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