Add Action Code Generators

To keep things efficient for the business and simple for the employees, loyalty actions can be performed directly by members using action codes. Instead of receiving a code slip, members generate a code themselves from the business’ tablet. They then scan this code into their mobile device to perform a specific loyalty action, such as punch a punch card.

To close the loop with reward codes, an action code generator must be added to the Admin Panel. After the POS, the member taps to generate a code from the business' tablet, and then scans this code with the app to perform the loyalty action.

Note: Before creating the action code generator, you need to create the automation for the action that occurs when this code is scanned.

To add an action code generator:

  1. From the Benefits tab, click Codes and then Action Code Generator.

  2. Click Add Item.

  3. Enter a name for the code generator and select an automation is triggered when the action code is scanned. Then click Save.

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