Redeem Gifts with 3rd Party Codes

Send your customers a gift to redeem at a different business. This is a great way to allow businesses to collaborate and cross-promote. There are several ways to set this up using codes.

Use 3rd Party Codes

Businesses can collaborate by allowing customers to receive a gift from one business to redeem in another business using 3rd party codes. Unlike redeem codes, these codes cannot be generated in the app but must be sent to the customers directly using code slips, by email, etc.

Here's an example. A credit card company (that doesn't have an app) gives out code slips to their customers for a free hamburger at a restaurant. Customers can then use this code slip to redeem the hamburger. In this case, the restaurant would create the hamburger gift for their app, along with 3rd party codes to redeem it. They would print the bulk of codes and provide it to the credit card company to give their customers. 

To set this up:

Suppose business X wants to give a gift to their customers to redeem at business Y. The gift must be set up through the Hub of business Y as follows:

  • Create the gift, selecting 3rd Party Codes for the Redeem Code Type (under Gift POS Settings).
  • Create a custom bulk of 3rd party codes associated with the gift.

Business Y then gives the codes to business X to give to their customers (to then redeem later at the POS of business Y).


Use Coupon Codes

Business X can give customers a gift to redeem at business Y using coupon codes. This requires the customer to be a member of the club of business Y and have their app.

  • Business Y creates a gift.
  • Business Y creates coupon codes, and the automation that sends the member the gift when they enter the coupon code into the app.
  • For app Y, make sure there's an option to insert coupon codes (such as on the Rewards Screen).
  • Business Y provides the codes to business X to give to their customers.
  • The customers can then enter the codes into the app of business Y to receive the gift, to redeem later at the POS of business Y.



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