POS Registration: Send Codes by SMS

Send customers who have purchased a membership joining codes or coupon codes by text message (SMS) automatically from the Como Hub. They can then use these codes to register to the club in the app. To learn more about registration flows for customers who purchase a membership at the POS, click here.

Note: The SMS provider and sender name can be set from Operation > Settings > External Services. Before sending codes by SMS, make sure to first create the bulk of codes you want to send.


To send joining codes or coupon codes by SMS:

  1. From the Operation tab, click Settings and then General POS Settings.

  2. For POS Membership Purchase Flow, select Send Code by SMS.

  3. Select the Code Type you'd like to send. Then click Add Membership Item Code.

  4. Enter the membership item code from the POS and the code bulk tag you added when creating your bulk of codes.

  5. Enter the content of the text message (SMS) you wish to send customers when sending them the codes (you can also include a generic link to download the app). 

  6. (Optional) Click Add Membership Item Code to add more item codes/bulks.

  7. Click Save.
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