System Building Blocks

The system building blocks consist of four main components: information, screens, tiles, and layout blocks.



Information is all the text, images and links that are presented in your app. This includes details about your business, images for a photo gallery, catalogs of products or deals, files, etc. From the Content tab, add or edit information from Information.




Information is displayed on screens in your app. For example, the information from General Info is displayed on the Info Screen. Some app screens lead to other screens when items or buttons are tapped. For example, a Location List leads to a Location Screen when a location is tapped.




Tiles are the components of a screen that display content, or can be tapped to open an app screen or perform an action.



Layout Blocks

Before a tile can open an app screen, a layout block must be created and added to the tile. Layout blocks determine the tile header and icon, as well as what happens when the tile is tapped. See Create Layout Blocks for more.

Note: We've already created some preset layout blocks for you that you can select from the list. Preset layout blocks include General Info, Rewards, and Location List. If no preset exists (such as for catalogs), you'll have to create the layout block yourself.


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