Create Layout Blocks

Layout blocks are used to add content or actions to app tiles. It determines the tile header and icon, and what happens when the tile is tapped. For example, the tile can open an app screen such as a catalog, form, or punch card. Or it can open a pop-up message, QR scanner, call the business, etc.


Preset Layout Blocks

To make things easier, we've created some preset layout blocks for you. The following presets don't need to be created and can be added directly to app tiles.

General Info Add Points Call Us
Rewards ID Code Feedback
Gift List Member QR Code Navigate
Punch Card List Social Feed My Activity
Point Shop Facebook Photo Gallery
Location List Instagram Wallet


New Layout Blocks

If no preset exists for what you'd like to do, create it yourself and then add it to a tile.

To create a layout block:

  1. From the Content tab, click Layout and then Layout Blocks. Then click Add Item.

  2. Set the basic settings for the layout block:

    Field Description
    Name (for internal use) Name that appears in the Como Hub and not on the tile itself
    Title Tile header
    Icon You can select an icon from the list
    Image You can select an image to use as an icon
    Restrict access only to members? Select Yes if you want only members to be able to open this tile
    Subtitle Subtitle to appear under the tile header (optional)

  3. (Advanced) Select whether or not the title or subtitle include AppText parameters.

  4. (Advanced) Select the Tile Type. 

    To display a slider of a catalog's images on a tile, that opens the catalog when tapped: select source-tile and then the catalog (ignore the button action).

    Note: This layout block must be added to a layout which contains an Updates Tile.

  5. Under Button Action, select what happens when the tile is tapped. See Add Button Actions.

  6. Click Save.


To add layout blocks to tiles:

  1. Under the Content tab, click Layout and then the screen that contains the tile (such as the Home Screen).

  2. Under Add Layout Blocks to Tiles, select a layout block for each tile. Then click Save.


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