Add Button Actions

Buttons appear on various app screens and can be tapped to perform a specific action, the button action. For example, a member can tap a welcome message to share an item on Facebook, or tap Call Us to initiate a phone call to the business.

You can customize the button action for welcome messages, location screens, custom screen list items, catalog items, gifts, Point Shop items and pop-up messages. The list of button actions is organized by categories.

Left & Right Buttons

For screens in the app that have both left and right buttons, the buttons have a default text and action.

App Screen Left Button Default Right Button Default
Catalog Items Back Share Text (General)
Gifts Redeem Close
Point Shop Items Buy Back

General Actions

Action Function
No Action No action is performed when button is tapped
Open App Screen Opens an app screen that you select from the new list that appears. In addition to opening any custom screen you create, the only relevant options are listed below (ignore the others). Other screens can be opened from the Open Screen category.
  • Location List
  • General Info
  • Map
  • Photo Gallery
  • Member Profile
  • Custom Screen
  • Gift List
  • Rewards Screen
  • Admin Panel
  • Punch Card List
  • Point Shop
  • Wallet Screen
  • Instagram
  • Social Feed
Close App Screen Closes the app screen containing the button
Open URLs in External Browser Opens the webpage you specify in an external web browser. Note: This feature is great for businesses that want to allow members to donate through the app, since Apple doesn’t approve apps that embed donation pages.

Member Actions

Action Function
Call Us  Initiates a phone call to the specified number (if left empty, the number from General Info is used) 
Scan Receipt  Opens the camera to scan the member's receipt and accumulate points
Note: By customizing the app text, this action can also be used to take pictures of anything. For example, encourage members to submit photos of their pet or their latest haircut in your salon.
Give Feedback  Opens the Feedback screen 
Navigate to Location  If only one location exists, launches a navigation app with the location's address. Otherwise, opens the Location List 
Scan QR Code  Opens a QR scanner for the purpose of identification, redeeming gifts, URL links and other loyalty operations
Open Pop-up Message  Initiates a pop-up message similar to the action on members. (Tip: Use the pop-up message to explain a screen and link to the screen from the message's button)
Rate the App  Links to iTunes or Google Play app stores to rate the app (based on Appstore ID in App Settings) 
Share Text (General) Shares app content (text, links, etc.) to different platforms

Open Screen

Action Function
Open Web Page Opens a specified URL. Note: The page title appears according to the App Texts definitions 
Open Web View Opens a selected web view, with the page header defined in the web view item (make sure to create the web view first!) 
Filter Location List by Tag Opens a list of locations tagged with the tag you specify (and location group if you choose one)
Open Catalog Opens the catalog you select 
Open Text Page Opens a page with a custom title and body text 
Open Catalog Items Opens the items of the catalog you select in the gallery view 
Show Locations by Distance Opens the Location List ordered by distance from the device's current position 
Open Home Screen Opens the app's Home screen
Manage Credit Cards Add, or delete credit cards from your in-app wallet, outside of a payment flow

App Actions

Action Function
Show Temporary ID Code Presents a screen with a generated 4-digit code that members can use to identify
Show Member Code Presents a screen with the QR version of a Member Code 
Add Points Opens a number pad for entering the number of points the member should earn. This is either presented in the Admin Mode or followed by a request for an employee code.
Pay with Points/Credit at POS Generates and displays a verification code that members give at the POS to pay with credit (to ensure a more secure credit transaction) 
Submit Purchase Submit a specified amount as a purchase in the system and points are accumulated according to Point/Credit Settings. This can be used from Admin Mode. 
Pay with Credit Enter the amount to be subtracted from the member's credit balance. This can also be used from Admin Mode. 
Enter Coupon Code Opens a number pad screen to enter a coupon code.
Trigger Action (or Claim) When tapped, this button can trigger any automation you create. The default text for this button is "Claim". For example, you can allow members to "claim" a coupon from a catalog (by adding it to their gifts when they tap this button).
Pay with Online Service in App Depending on the online payment service you select (such as PayPal), displays the web view of their payment page to allow members to use this online service to pay for items or services directly through the app. 
Open Inbox Opens the inbox on the member's device, that stores pop-up messages that were sent to them in the past. For example, you can add the inbox one of the tiles of the member profile. 
Open Specific Asset Screen Opens a specific punch card or gift screen 
Open Code Generator Opens the action code generator created from Benefits > Codes > Action Code Generator. This code generator can be added to a tile of the Admin Panel to generate codes that members can scan with their device to complete loyalty operations (such as punch a punch card).
Enter Asset Redeem Code This can be added to the Admin Panel to allow business locations (without a POS integration) to enter redeem codes in the business-side tablet instead.

Note: This feature is useful for a business that uses POS integration for some branches and Admin Mode for others. When a business has a branch with a POS integration, gifts can only be redeemed using a redeem code (regardless in which branch it’s redeemed). The branch with the POS integration can enter this code in the POS. The branch using the business-side tablet can enter this code in Admin Mode.
Pay with Credit Card at POS Allows members to select a credit card from their app wallet and pay for items at the POS (by generating a payment code to give to the cashier to enter into the POS to complete the payment)

Note: The POS must have an integration that supports these payments.
Share Points or Credit

Allow members to share points or credit with their friends.

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