Work With Text

From the Content and Benefits tabs, add all the text for your app modules including tile headers, screen titles, location descriptions, gift details, etc. Here are some principles to guide you when adding your text.

To learn more about changing text color, click here.

To learn more about changing text font, click here.

To learn more about customizing default app text, click here.


Characters to Avoid

Certain characters are not properly displayed in the app. Avoid the following:

  • Quotation marks : use two apostrophes instead '' 
  • Ampersand & : spell out and instead
  • Percent sign % : spell out percent instead

Character Limits

In many places in the Como Hub, the number of characters in the text box is displayed. The character limit only applies to the text preview when displayed in the app. In the app, the text box can also be tapped to display the entire content.

For example, if you enter 146/140 characters in the About Us text box, 140 characters are displayed in the About Us section of the Info screen. When About Us is tapped, all the content is displayed (146 characters).

Text Alignment

You can choose the text alignment (left, right or center) for the following descriptions:

  • About Us for the Info Screen
  • Description for the Location Screen
  • Description for catalog items

Note: If no text alignment is selected, the default is center.

Set the text alignment for About Us or a location description using the buttons above the text box:


Text alignment for catalog item descriptions is controlled from the general catalog settings:

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