Use Web View Parameters

Use web view parameters to customize the web view URL according to the information of the specific member or device that opens it. Parameters include the user identification, member details (name, email, phone number, etc.), current geographical position, the asset they just redeemed, and more.

This capability allows you to seamlessly integrate the app with a third party service and offers many creative ways to personalize the member's experience. For example, if the business' website has a listing of their locations, the member could open this list already sorted according to locations closest to their device. Or the web view can open a website which greets the member by name.

Parameter Examples

From Content > Information > Web View Parameters, you can see some of the available parameters. For others, contact your account manager.

URL Example

The parameter should be added to the web view URL according to the format specified by the business' web developer as in the example below.<Local_LocationID>&lat=<get_lat>&lng=<get_long>

The parameters used in the example above are:

  1. Business Location ID: <Local_LocationID>
  2. User Location: <get_lat>, <get_long>

This URL is used when creating the web view in the Como Hub.


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