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Forms are a great way to get to know your members—by gaining valuable feedback or more information about them. They are also a great tool for increasing your business by allowing members to make reservations, appointments, or orders through your app.


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General Form VS Survey

There are two types of forms you can create, a general form or survey. The general form is presented as a single page, while the survey presents only one question at a time. For surveys, you can only proceed to the next question after you answered the last. Unlike a survey, a general form has a Free text line answer type (a one-line text box) and no option for follow-up questions. Surveys may be more appropriate for gaining member feedback.


Reward Members for Completing Forms

When using forms to gain member feedback or other valuable member data, you can encourage members to complete them by offering some type of reward. For example, offer members points or a punch in their punch card for completing a form. This can be set up using an automation, triggered when a member fills out a form.


Send or Display Forms

The following steps are required to get the form to the member to fill out.

  1. Create your general form or survey.
  2. (Optional) Activate it by clicking Activate Form or Activate Survey next to the form.

    Note: You can link to a form by either using the specific form URL, or activating it and using the general URL on top. The general URL always links to the activated form, therefore only one form can be activated at a given time. Use the general link if you intend to switch often between different forms.


  3. Create a web view that opens it.
  4. Send or display the form in one of these ways:
    • Create a layout block for the form and add it to a tile
    • Add the web view to an app button, such as a welcome message
    • Send the form to specific members (using an automation or manually from Data & BI > Filter Members) by sending a pop-up message with a button that opens the form
  5. (Optional) Create an automation for rewarding members who filled out the form.


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