Add Club Deals

Club deals are benefits a member receives just for being a club member. For example, you can give all members a 10% discount on their purchases. Unlike gifts, club deals don't need to be redeemed and they can be reused. When a member identifies at the POS, they automatically receive these benefits.


To add club deals:

  1. From the Benefits tab, click Club Deals and then Add.

  2. Add general details.

    Note: Since club deals don't appear in the app, these details aren't displayed to members. The only relevant details are described below.

    Field Description
    Title Add a title (for internal use)
    Description Add a description (for internal use)
    Background Image Required - Add an image (for internal use)
    Valid From Select from which date the club deal can be used. You can also specify the hour, minute and second. 
    Valid Until Select until which date the gift can be redeemed. You can also specify the hour, minute and second. 

  3. Add club deal conditions.

    Field Description
    Member Tags Add tags to limit this deal to only members with this tag (such as students, VIPs, etc.)
    Branch IDs Enter the branch IDs to give benefits only to members registered with a specific location
    Discount Type

    You can define the benefit directly here, instead of in the POS. Choose between a fixed amount or percentage discount:

    • Fixed Amount: For Discount Params Sum, enter the amount you'd like to discount off the purchase (such as $5). 
    • Percent: For Discount Percent, enter the percentage such as 5 for 5%. You can also limit the amount of the discount in Discount Percent Limit Amount. For example, if the discount percent is 10% and the limit is $20, a member who purchases items totaling $300 will receive a discount of $20 instead of $30.

  4. (Optional) Limit the days/times of the week the member can use the club deal.

    1. Click Add New Rule.

    2. Select a day of the week the club deal can be used and then select the times it can be used on that day.

    3. Add rules for any other days and times the club deal can be used. Note: The member will not be able to use the club deal on a day/time unless it's within the days and times you specify.

  5. Add the club deal's POS settings.

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