Add Custom Icons

There are many icon sets which are ready for you to use, mainly when creating layout blocks. You can edit any icon in this set. If you wish to upload a set of your own, contact your Como account manager for instructions.

Some Important Notes

  • You cannot add a new icon to the set with a different name. You can only assign a new image to an existing icon in the set. For example, you can add a new image to the icon named icon_gift_color. Make sure not to replace an image for an icon whose original image you'd like to also use in the app.
  • If you can't see the current icon images, it's because you selected an icon set from ContentBranding > Design that's white. Select a set that's another color to see the icon images you plan to replace.
  • You can combine icons from various sets. For example, if the icon for the back button is white and the header is white, you won't be able to see it in the header of the Home Screen. If you'd like to keep a white set for the other icons, you can replace only the icons appearing in the header. For more, click here.

Add Custom Icons

To add custom icons:

  1. From the Content tab, click Branding (NEW) and then Custom Icons (NEW).


  2. To replace an icon in the set, click Choose Image and upload your new icon. 

  3. Click Save next to the new icon.


Combine Icon Sets 

To combine icons from different sets:

  1. From Content > Branding > Design, select the icon set containing the icon you'd like to use in a different set.

  2. From Content > Branding (NEW)> Custom Icons (NEW), right-click the icon you want and click Save image as... to save the icon on your computer.

  3. From Content > Branding > Design, select the icon set you'd like to add the icon to. Then click Save.

  4. From Content > Branding (NEW) > Custom Icons (NEW), add the icon set you saved to replace the corresponding icon from the set. Then click Save.

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