Add Lottery Rewards

Lottery rewards can be used to surprise members with a gift, punch card, or push notification. After you create a lottery, you can send it to a member either using an automation or manually (from Filter Members). Which reward this member wins (or if they win at all) depends on the probability of winning each reward.

An Example

Suppose that a lottery is created with a 50% chance of winning a donut and 50% of winning a drink. Then each member who receives the lottery reward wins either a donut or a drink. If instead there's a 50% chance of winning a donut and a 30% chance of winning a drink, each member who receives the lottery reward can either win a donut, win a drink or not win at all (20% chance).

Reward Probabilities

A probability of x% means the chance of winning is x/100. You can add different reward options, each with different probabilities with the following in mind:

  • Probabilities apply to each member individually and not to the group of all members who receive the lottery reward. For example, if 50 members receive the lottery reward and the probability of winning reward 1 is 10%, this means that each member has a 10% chance of winning reward 1 and not that 10% of members (i.e. 5 members) will win reward 1.
  • The sum of all probabilities cannot exceed 100%.
  • If the probabilities of all reward options sum to 100%, each member sent this lottery reward will for sure win (which reward depends on the probabilities for each reward).
  • If the sum of the probabilities is less than 100%, not all members sent the lottery reward will win. The default probability of not winning is [100% - (sum of reward probabilities)]. However, members that don’t win will not receive anything so they won’t even know they were sent the lottery.


  • The system doesn't notify members before a lottery takes place, only after they win their reward. Therefore, we don't recommend sending members a push notification to notify them when they don't win.
  • Send lottery rewards to a specific group of members. For example, send a surprise gift to new members, members that haven't shopped in the business in the last 30 days or to all VIP members.
  • Use a lottery to promote your business and club. For example, advertise that on a specific day, all members that spend over a certain amount will receive a discount off their next purchase (anywhere from 5% to 50% off). Create different reward options for different discount amounts (with different probabilities) and an automation to send the lottery based on a member's purchase total. You can even make it more exciting by sending it as a scratch card, where members scratch to find out the discount they won.


To create a lottery reward:

  1. From the Benefits tab, click Lottery Rewards and then Add Lottery Reward.

  2. Enter the general lottery details.

    Field Description
    Title Enter a title for the lottery.
    Limit Per Member This is the max number of rewards that each member can receive. For example, if the limit is 1 and a lottery is sent twice, a member who got a reward in the first lottery cannot get another reward in the second.
    Tags Ignore this field. 

  3. Add a reward option: select the Probability of winning this reward and the Reward Type.
    • For GiveAsset: select a gift or punch card, and whether or not to send the member a push notification to tell them they won.

      Note: The push notification content is added to the gift or punch card details.

    • For SendPush: enter the push notification message.

  1. To add more reward options, click Add Reward Option.

    Note: The sum of probabilities of all reward options cannot exceed 100%. If the sum is less than 100%, not all members who receive the lottery reward will win. For example, if the sum is 80%, then each member who receives the lottery reward has a 20% chance of not winning.

  2. When finished, click Save.



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