Add Punch Codes

Punch codes are one-time codes used only for punching punch cards. The punch codes can be given to members to enter using code slips, sent to members by email or can be used by an employee at the time of purchase. Punch codes can be used along with permanent employee codes.

Code Templates & Bulks

To create punch codes, you need to first create a template of punch codes associated with a specific punch card. Once a template is created, you need to add bulks of codes to the template—where each code in the bulk can punch only one card, one timeFor the same template of codes, you can create different bulks with different tags. For example, create a bulk for specific branches. Once all the codes of the bulk have been used, you can create a new bulk of codes for this template.

Add Punch Codes

To add punch codes:

  1. From the Benefits tab, click Punch Cards and then Punch Codes.

  2. Click Add Punch Codes.

  3. Enter the name of the template of punch codes and select the punch card these codes can punch. Then click Save.

  4. Click the X in the top-right and then the template of codes from the list.

  5. Create a bulk of codes.

  6. To view the bulk that you created, click the X in the top-right and then the template of codes from the list.

    Note: Although the required fields are highlighted in red, the bulk was successfully created.

  7. To export codes in an Excel file, select whether to export all (both used and unused codes), unused or used codes and click Export Codes.

    Note: These codes can be printed on code-slips, sent by email, etc.


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