Release Guide - February 2016

Release Guide - February 2016


Release Highlights:

  • Automations Based on Scanning a Code
    You can create an automation that is triggered when a member scans a code.

  • Closing the Loop with Action Codes
    To keep things efficient for the business and simple for the employees, loyalty actions can be performed directly by members using action codes.

  • Filter Customers – Relational Operators for Fields
    Filter members using relational operators (<, >, <=, >=, =) for fields when relevant, such as for daterelated fields.

  • Filter Customers – Purchased Items Fields
    You can filter members according to purchased items using the following item-related fields: Item Code, Item Name, Department Code, Department Name and Item Quality.

  • Filter by Purchase Tags
    For a business that has a POS integration, a member’s purchases can be filtered according to purchase tags.

  • Clickable Member Details in Email Notifications
    When a member completes a form or an alert is triggered, the business receives an email notification.

  • Local Time Displayed in Como Hub
    Times in the Como Hub are displayed in the local time zone of the business.

  • Position of Tile Headers
    From Content > Branding > Design, you can select to position your tile headers either above or below the tile icons.

  • Limit the Frequency of an Automation
    To limit the number of times an automation can occur for each member in total, use the Reception Limit field.

  • Action Button – Open a Specific Asset Screen
    Set a button to open a specific asset screen, such as a gift or punch card screen.

  • Filter by Push-Enabled iOS Devices
    From Dashboard > Filter Customers > Find Customers, filter members based on whether or not push notifications are enabled on their iOS device.

  • Sort Filtered Locations by Distance (Nearby)
    By tapping Nearby, you can sort locations in the app by distance from the device—where the nearest locations are presented on top.

  • Add Badges to Catalog Items and Gifts
    A badge, an icon representing a tag, is displayed on all locations, catalog items and gifts with this tag.

  • Refresh Your Credit Balance on the Wallet Screen
    For businesses that allow members to add or accumulate credit, a member’s credit balance appears on their Wallet screen

  • Discount Rounding Types
    Select how to round discounts that members receive on their purchases at the POS—through gift vouchers or club deals.

  • URL Scheme to Open Como Apps from Other Apps
    Allow apps that aren’t empowered by Como to open your app from theirs.
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