Release Guide - March 2016

Release Guide - March 2016


Release Highlights:

  • View and Use Data on Non-Registered Customers
    The Como Hub displays data on customers who have launched the app for the first time—including both registered members and customers who haven’t yet registered to the club.

  • Add a PayPal Payment Option
    For businesses with a PayPal account, members can purchase their catalog items (including credit) through the app.

  • Add Credit Automations
    An automation can be triggered to add credit for a member.

  • Google Analytics – Member Demographics
    From Google Analytics, view what proportion of your members belong to each gender or age group

  • Background Image Animation
    Select whether your app background image is animated (moves) or remains still.

  • Send Text Messages (SMS) & Export Message Data
    You can send members text messages (SMS) either manually or automatically, and export this data.

  • Member Actions – Date & Time of Purchases
    From Member Actions, export data on purchases that members have made within a specified period of time—including the date and time of each purchase

  • Allow Members to Choose Their App Language
    Allow members to choose themselves which language is displayed in the app.

  • Purchase Log – Multiple Members Identified
    When multiple members identify on a single purchase, the purchase log includes whether the particular member identified first, second, etc. on the purchase.

  • Wallet Layout Block Preset
    For businesses that allow members to add or accumulate credit, the Wallet screen displays a member’s credit balance.

  • Minimum & Maximum Credit Amounts
    Businesses can limit the amount of credit that can be used to pay for each purchase—by specifying a minimum and maximum credit amount.

  • Como Hub Terminology Changes
    Here are some highlights of the most important text and terminology changes in the Como Hub.
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