Time Displays in the Como Hub

Times are displayed according to different time zones in the Como Hub, depending on whether the action is related to members or to the Como Hub.

Member Related Actions

Member related actions are actions that are perform by the member (in the app or business) or by someone else (such as an employee) on behalf of a member. This includes redeeming gifts, making a purchase, punching a punch card, etc. A log of these actions can be found in a member profile (from Find/Filter Members) under Latest Logs. These times are displayed according to the time zone of the location where the action was performed.


Como Hub Related Actions

Como Hub related actions include actions performed by Como Hub users such as exporting a report from Filter Members. The time log of these actions is displayed according to the time zone of the browser that’s used to view the log. For example, if a Como Hub user exports a report at 10:30am, another Como Hub user in another time zone will view the same log according to the time zone of their browser (for example, 12:30pm).

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