Button - Pay with Online Service in App

Using mobile payments, members can pay directly in their app—such as for catalog items, club memberships or credit.

To allow members to purchase items through the app, the Pay with Online Service in App button action should be added to the relevant button (such as the catalog item, or register button for membership payments). Tapping this button will then initiate the in-app payment flow.

To add the payment option to buttons:

  1. For the button action, select Pay with Online Service in App and enter the button text (such as "Buy").

  2. Add the item code, item name, item price and online payment service. Then click Save.

    Note: This item code will also be used in an automation (which is used to give the member what they paid for). Make sure not to use the same item code as the one used at the POS if you don't want the automation to be also triggered by purchases made in the store.

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