Use Codes

To operate the loyalty club, codes are used in different ways—to activate actions, identify members or verify members. They're mostly used to close the loop (redeem gifts, add points, or punch punch cards), but can also be used to trigger other automations. For example, coupon codes can be used to verify a membership payment before registering the member.

Codes That Activate Actions

Here's a brief overview of how different types of codes are used and which closing the loop (CTL) method uses them.

Code Type CTL Method Description
Employee Codes Employee Code They're used to redeem gifts, add points and punch punch cards. The same code can be used for all employees, or each employee or location can use a different code.
Redeem Codes POS Integration For businesses with a POS integration, redeem codes are required to redeem gifts, redeem punch cards and punch prepaid cards. A member taps Redeem in their app to display this code and an employee enters it into the POS.
Punch Codes Code Slip These one-time codes are used only for punching punch cards. They can be given to members using code slips or can be used by an employee at the time of purchase.
Coupon Codes Code Slip These one-time codes can trigger any automation. For example, they can be used to send gifts, add points, tag members, register members who paid for their membership, etc. They can be printed on code slips, sent by email, sent by text message (SMS), etc.
Action Codes Reward Code These codes can be scanned to trigger any automation. For example, a member can generate a code from the business' tablet and scan this code with their app to punch their punch card or earn points.
3rd Party Codes POS Integration These codes allow members to redeem gifts at a different business (even if they're not members of the other business' club). For clubs that share a similar customer base, this provides a great opportunity for them to collaborate.
Joining Codes  - These codes can be entered directly into the registration form. They're used to tag members or confirm membership payments. They can be printed on code slips, sent by email, sent by text message (SMS), etc.


Codes for Identification & Verification


Code Type Description
ID Codes Members can identify using a temporary 4-digit code (or QR code) that they generate from the app. It can be used to identify a member to close the loop using POS integration, the business-side app, or the Como Hub.
Login Validation Code To log in as an existing member, members can use a validation code that they can receive by email or text message (SMS). 
Payment Verification Code You can require members to provide a verification code at the POS to pay with credit. You can either send them this code by SMS after they identify or allow them to generate it themselves. 
PIN Code Before members generate a verification code from their app, you can require them to enter a PIN code. The PIN code is created when they register to the club and can be renewed from their member profile (from Filter Members) if they forget it. 


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