Add 3rd Party Codes

3rd party codes allow two businesses to collaborate using our platform—by allowing customers to receive gifts from one business to redeem in another. What's more, the customers don't need to be members of both clubs, and in some cases, they don't need to be members of either club. For example, a credit card company can provide customers with a discount voucher for a furniture store.

How It Works

Instead of using redeem codes, customers give the 3rd party codes (which they received on a slip, by email, by SMS, etc.) to the POS of the other business to redeem the gift.

For more on setting up this feature, click here.

Create 3rd Party Codes

Before you create the 3rd party codes, select 3rd Party Codes for the Redeem Code Type (from the Gift POS Settings of the benefit).

To create 3rd party codes:

  1. From the Benefits tab, click Codes and then 3rd Party.

  2. Click Generate new codes.

  3. Add a name for the template of codes and select the asset the codes can redeem. Then click Save.

  4. Create a bulk of codes.
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