Add Employee Codes

Employee codes are used to manually redeem gifts, add points and punch punch cards. The same code can be used for all employees, or each employee or location can use a different code. You can select to change codes automatically on a specific date, daily, monthly, etc.

To create an employee code:

  1. From the Operation tab, click Loyalty Operation and then Employee Permissions.

  2. Enter the employee name and an employee code. Then click Add.

  3. Click  to add more details, including employee permissions. Then click update.

    Field Description
    Next Code If you've selected that employee codes should be changed automatically (daily, monthly, on a certain date, etc.), enter the next code or a random code is generated.
    Previous Code This presents their previous employee code, before it was changed. 
    Can add points? Ignore this field. Give permission to add points by selecting Yes from Can submit a purchase?
    Can redeem? To give the employee permission to redeem gifts, select Yes.
    Can punch punch cards? To give the employee permission to punch punch cards, select Yes.
    Can add/subtract credit amount? To give the employee permission to add or subtract credit, select Yes
    Can submit a purchase? To give the employee permission to add points, select Yes

  4. To automatically change codes after a certain period of time (every minute, hour, day or month) or on a certain date/time:
    • Under When should employee codes change?, click 

    • Select the frequency or the specific date/time you want the codes changed and click update.
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