Credit Overview

Credit can be accumulated, purchased or added—and then used as a form of payment to purchase items from the business (or the Point Shop). This guide explains the ways members can receive and use credit, and how to set up this module for a business.

Why use Credit?

Credit is a great way to bring members back by allowing them to pre-pay for discounts in a business. For example, you can allow members to buy $25 worth of credit for only $20. What’s more, they can use credit to conveniently pay for items in the business with nothing more than their mobile device.

Credit vs Points

Technically, either credit or points can be used to purchase items from the business or Point Shop. Either can also be accumulated, purchased or added. However, in practice, each is more suitable for a different purpose. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Allow members to accumulate points based on their purchases, and then use points to buy gifts from the Point Shop
  • Allow members to purchase credit, and then use credit to buy items in the business


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