Use Credit or Points

Members can use credit or points to pay for items at the POS and to buy items in the Point Shop.

Note: Each business can decide if payment at the POS can be performed with either credit or points (but not both). Similarly, they can choose if credit or points can be used for the Point Shop. This article will refer to credit, but it also applies to points.

Pay with Credit (POS Integration)

Important Note: To pay with credit at the POS, the POS integration must support the PayWithBudget or payment API call.

Before a member can pay for an item using credit, they need to identify at the POS. To secure the credit transaction, you can require members to perform additional steps to verify their identity.

To allow members to pay with credit:

  1. From Operation > Settings > Point/Credit Settings, select Credit for Pay with Credit.
  2. Optional: Enter the Pay with Credit Ratio (default is 1).
  3. You can also specify a minimum or maximum amount for each credit payment.
  4. Set up your verification method (recommended).


Buy Point Shop Gifts

Instead of using points, you can allow members to use credit to buy gifts from the Point Shop. Make sure to select Credit for Purchase Item from Point Shop from Operation > Settings > Point/Credit Settings and to allow members to receive credit by one of the methods above (see Receive Credit).

Note: You can choose to either use credit or points for the Point Shop, but not both. We recommend using points for this module.

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