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Under Latest Logs of a member's profile (from Find/Filter Members), view logs of the actions performed by the member or on their behalf. For example, when the member joined the club, shared an item on Facebook, received a punch in their punch card, received a gift, redeemed a gift, etc. Read below for a more detailed explanation of some of these logs.

Article Topics:

Purchase Logs
Redeem Logs
Point Transaction Log
Point Shop Logs
Received Asset Log
Punch Card Logs
Used the App Log
Other Logs
SMS Logs


Purchase Logs

The first purchase log appears when a member is identified on a purchase. When multiple members identify on a single purchase, the purchase log includes whether the particular member identified first, second, etc. on the purchase. For example: Member (#2) has submitted a purchase with a total of 145.10. This means that this member was identified second on a purchase totaling 145.10 (total for all members identified). Depending on how point accumulation is set up for when multiple members identify, this information is important for businesses to understand why certain members may not have accumulated points.

Note: When multiple members identify on a purchase, all automations are only performed on the first member except for points. If points are accumulated according to an accumulation automation, the points are distributed equally among all members. However, if points are accumulated in fixed increments (add points), then not all members necessarily accumulate. For example, if 10 points are accumulated for each $100 and 3 members identify on a purchase of $250, only the first 2 members will accumulate 10 points each.

When a purchase is analyzed to determine whether or not to trigger an automation based on this purchase, a purchased analyzed log follows.


Redeem Logs

There are three types of redeem logs that record the following events.

Event Example of Log
Attempted to redeem a gift - when a member taps Redeem on the app's Gift screen Attempted to redeem the gift "Free Coffee"
Redeem code is used by the POS (for POS integration) Redeem code "12345" for gift "Free Coffee" activated by POS at branchID 2
Redeemed a gift—when the purchase is completed (and not when the member taps Redeem on the app’s Gift screen) Redeemed the gift "Free Coffee" with redeem code "1234" at branchID 2

For POS integration, the second and third log include additional details such as the branch ID of the location in which the gift was redeemed and the specific redeem code used to redeem the gift. For businesses without POS integration, the first and third log appear consecutively once the member taps Redeem on the app’s Gift screen.

Point Transaction Log

This log identifies when a member received or used points, how many points and how they received or used these points. The following types of operations are shown in this log:

  • "AddPoints": if a member received points manually from Find/Filter Members or from an automation (through the Add Points action)
  • "addPoints": if fixed points were added through the app (through employee code, etc.)
  • "purchase": if the member used points to buy items from the Point Shop
  • "PointsForPurchase": if the points were added using an accumulation automation

Point Shop Logs

When members purchase a gift from the Point Shop, there are 3 logs that are created that indicate the following:

  • a gift was purchased from the Point Shop using points
  • a "purchase" point transaction was performed and the amount of points used
  • the member received the gift from the Point Shop


Received Asset Log

This log includes which asset the member received (punch card, gift, etc.), as well as how the member received it (asset source). For example, you can see if it was received from an automation, the Point Shop or Find/Filter Members (Hub).

Note: The data on the asset source can be used both to filter members and to perform actions on them.

Punch Card Logs

There are two types of logs related to punch cards:
  • When a code is entered to authorize a punch (such as an employee code), a log is created to show a punch was attempted. This log is created whether or not a valid code was entered.
  • When a punch is successful, the log shows you which punch card was punched, how many punches they received and how many punches the member now has in their punch card (in total).

Used the App Log

This log is created when a member opened their app and provides you with information on the device they used (such as the platform and version of their operating system). 


SMS Logs

Learn about all the different SMS logs here.


Other Logs

Other logs include:

  • when customers launched the app for the first time (even before they've registered as members)
  • when an ID code is generated from the app
  • when a member unsubscribed from receiving SMS text messages
  • when a member received or used budget
  • when a member received an SMS text message
  • when a member's membership details were updated
  • when a member was unregistered from the club
  • when a member's PayPal payment was rejected
  • when a member's PayPal payment succeeded
  • when an asset has been removed from the member
  • when a member joined the club
  • when a member connected with Facebook
  • when a member shared an item or content on Facebook
  • when a member logged out of the app
  • when a member was tagged or untagged
  • when a member filled out a form



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