Add Automatic Notifications

To easily keep track of your loyalty club, you can set up notifications to be sent to you by email in case of suspicious activity (fraud) by clients or employees, or even routine activity like new members who join the club.

For example, receive an alert when a member punches a punch card more than 5 times per day. This could simply indicate a very active member. In some cases, this could also reveal that an employee is identifying themselves instead of the member at the POS and fraudulently claiming the member's benefits.

To create an automatic notification:

  1. From the Operation tab, click Automatic Notifications.

  2. Enter the notification details.

    Field Description
    Name Name for the notification
    Choose an Action: Select which action triggers the notification
    Email to Receive Notifications Enter an email address to receive the notification
    Status Select whether the notification is active or inactive
    Group logs by: If you select None, you'll receive a notification each time the action occurs. If you select Member or Employee, you'll receive a notification when the same member or employee performs the action at least a certain number of times (minimum results) within a day.
    Minimum results The minimum number of times each member or employee performed the action within a day, in order to trigger an alert. For example, if you enter 5, then you'll receive an alert when they perform the action 5 or more times in a day.

  3. Select the days and times to receive a notification and click Save.

    Note: This doesn't refer to days and times when they action occurred.

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